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I am a garden route photographer, graphic and website designer based in the beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


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Interior Photography

Showcasing your property in the best way

The challenge of any interior photographer is to understand the building's environment and the emotion it generates when you first move through the space. ``It is not the design of space, nor the massing or organizing of volumes.`` – Philip Johnson –
The main focus is 'procession' — the experience of moving through a building. I work throughout South Africa and abroad, documenting architecture, design and interior spaces for home owners, businesses, estate agents and the hotel industry.

Interior Collection Pricing

Pricing below shows standard interior collections shoot times available, should you wish to talk about your property send me a message and we can discuss your property or project.

  • Small Apartments or Flats
  • R2 000

    for one hour


    • HDR edited images
    • photos via dropbox
    • online gallery
    • photo quantity will be determined by the property
  • Houses, Lodges and Hotels
  • R3 100

    for two hours


    • HDR edited images
    • photos via dropbox
    • online gallery
    • photo quantity will be determined by the property


Louis Kahn said ``Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.`` I do feel this to be completely true as whenever I walk into an apartment, home or hotel the space is what captures me in a silent satisfying way. Capturing the space and character of the building in such a way for the images to tell their own story is want I love!


If you need additional information about interior photography collections and how to prepare your property in the best way, have a look at some guidelines below.


What about plants and flowers?

Plants and flowers can add life to a living space. Keep away from plastic flowers, red roses (or any roses for that matter) and visit your local florist to get something crisp green and fresh.

What are your travel fees ?

R4/km for areas outside of Plettenberg Bay & Knysna. Should I require flights,  accommodation or car rental this will be added to the invoice after you have approved it.

Would you travel to my property?

For destination property shoots I charge for a 8 hour day collection and of course travel, my flights, hotel stay and car rental to be able to get around.

How can I prepare my property before the shoot?

Clutter is any interior photographers worst nightmare, to ensure you showcase your interior spaces in the best way, hide anything you don’t want seen in the photos (e.g. lamp cables, used soaps, shampoos, tissue boxes). This will make your room stand out from all the rest.

Do we have to provide food for you on a shoot day?

Yes please, photographers tend to forget about normal things like eating. For any photoshoot over five hours this photographer would need something on a plate, box or bag.

Do I get the digital files?

Yes you do, I will courier your edited images on a USB stick to your address.

How many images do I get?

The amount of images will be determined by your property.

When will we receive our photos?

Typically you will start seeing your images within 2 weeks from the property shoot. Possibly sooner, it  just depends on the time of year. Wedding season madness happens from October to February.

What equipment are you using?

I use a Canon 6D (sorry to all my Nikon photographer friends out there). I have a wide range of professional line lenses as well as my favourite Sigma 85mm. I have two camera bodies so your wedding day is covered.