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I am a garden route photographer, graphic and website designer based in the beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


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michelle brink, website designer, garden route, plettenberg bay, web design, plett it’s a feeling, search engine optimization, seo, design agency

Is SEO relevant to me and my business in 2019?

Although times have changed SEO is still very relevant to business owners and marketers. Search engine optimisation is the active attempt to improve your website’s search engine ranking, or “on which page your site lives on google”.

People need SEO more than ever before. 

93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, Google, Bing or Yahoo. Google has 40 000 searches every second, 3.5 billion searches every day and 1.2 trillion searches every year. Searching for anything is an arm length away with mobile searches and online users increasing yearly. 

In a nutshell, SEO ensures organics search traffic from search engines to reach your website.  

But what does that mean? 

Think of your website as an online farm and you are the farmer. You will have two main farming options to choose from, one being organic farming (SEO) and the other chemical fertilizer farming (Paid Advertising). 

Growing your SEO carefully will befit your company in its online future.

We all know organic farming takes time and care to make it a success, whereas using chemical fertilizer will make your plants grow quickly and easily without too much effort.  

In choosing to be an organic farmer, you choose to invest time and effort in preparing your farm and crop, which will lead to long term rewards and guaranteed organic traffic 24/7 too your website. Yes, search engine optimization takes time but once it’s done, it’s done. From here you build on your existing SEO and grow your website.

Throwing budget into chemical feralization for your farm is definitely the quick and easy option but very costly and short lived. When the money stops the growth stops. There is no organic traffic and your farm returns to dust. 

Looking at both these methods separately, SEO will definitely benefit your website’s organic growth. This is the healthier option to grow your website’s online presence. If you can convert the engaged traffic to leads and the leads to customers, then why not choose proper SEO to work for you and your business. 

If your page is ranking higher on a search engine page for a specific product or service, it means your competitor’s is not. Search engine optimization is an investment into your business’s online future, growth and success. Make your website work for you, rather than you working for your website.