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I am a garden route photographer, graphic and website designer based in the beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


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Website Development

In today’s digital world, with the need for instant gratification, it is crucial to have a website to showcase your company.

Why is it important to have an online space?

In today’s digital world, with the need for instant gratification, it is crucial to have a website to showcase your company. Creating an effective website will increase user engagement, which leads to enquiries and potential sales.

Ensuring a clear design direction 

Over the years I have created a few steps to ensure the design process has a clear direction.

1 – Website Development Process 

From the start, I consider your content strategy, information and how to market your site to your target audience.

2 – Understanding your Brand

Every website design project is unique. By understanding your brand’s needs, I’ll be able to determine an appropriate timeline and project plan.

3 – Foundation Planning

Here we discuss the functionalities, features and develop a plan for the site’s structure as well as the user experience of online visitors. We’ll also meet to discuss website look options.

4 – Design, Developing and Testing

How a website functions is very important. Combining great functionality with a beautiful minimalistic design is my aim. During the development process, you also need to consider your search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure high page ranking. I take care in testing your website after development to ensure that it’s ready for its launch.


Web Development Process

Understanding your Brand

Foundation Planning

Design, Develop and Test

Core Website Design Services

The below services are there to ensure you are found on search engines, your site can be viewed on mobile devices, your clients details and payments are safe and your site is up to date and maintained.

Hosting your site with the correct hosting company is very important. I host all my client sites with a reliable hosting company to ensure your site is up and running at all times.


Hosting Services
– Domain Registration (www)
– Monthly Hosting of Domain
– Email Addresses

When I design your website, user experience is the most important. Keeping your users happy means positive feedback and return traffic to your site. Having a website that is easy to read on Android, iPhone, iPad or other tablet devices is very important.
Mobile searches are growing rapidly; your site needs to be devise friendly!
What is responsive design?
A responsive design ensures your website design adapts to each unique device used to access your website. This means it will automatically resize all onsite content, images and functionalities for mobile, desktop and tablet devices.  
Why is all this important?
A responsive website re-sizes its layout for desktop, mobile and tablets to ensure the website is easy to use on any device. Mobile web usage is growing at a rapid rate and having a website that is not responsive for these devices could potentially have your company miss out on business opportunities.

Understanding your clients online behavior is of the utmost importance, if you want to market your product or service.


While SEO ensure your site turns up in search engines, your analytics reports will help you understand your clients better, while they are using your website.

Having a ssl certificate installed on your site tells your clients you are a safe online business and that they can feel relaxed when giving you their personal information.


What does a SSL Certificate mean to my business? 
Your website will now have a https at the beginning of your URL and it will ensure that all user data including credit card numbers, usernames and contact information is kept private and cannot be intercepted by a third party.

After ensuring your website has a SSL Certificate to protect your client information, I can install a payment gateway to your site so that your online orders are processed automatically in a safe way.

This is however an additional cost to the website design price.

After I’ve created your online web space we need to ensure all the information, images, updates and the SEO stays current and up to date.

All websites are different, a special care plan will be designed specifically for your site.

Website Related Services

In todays digital world a well designed website and great seo sets the foundation to your success in future.